This is a club for runners who are crazy about running marathons and are ready to take it to the next level. We aren’t your typical running club, you must first qualify to join the insanity! 3 marathons in 90 days or 2 within 16 days to qualify. Do you have what it takes?





Congratulations Latest Double Agents!
Katie Sifferman (MM-15017 HF-17722 DA-3672)
Eldon Hunt (MM-15690 HF-18295 DA-3671)
Cassi Davis (MM-15687 HF-14666 DA-3670)
JENNAY WANGEN (MM-15684 HF-18477 DA-3669)
Laurie Weiner (MM-15681 HF-9266 DA-3668)
Christy Marchel (MM-15677 HF-6302 DA-3667)
Greg Hunger (MM-15673 HF-13692 DA-3666)
Tina Lam (MM-15672 HF-16109 DA-3665)
Cory Lidenberg (MM-15671 HF-18173 DA-3664)
Chad jester (MM-15666 HF-18299 DA-3663)